Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Flies...& SBG Thoughts for 2011/2012

I have been swamped! And that is putting it mildly. I have had a lax schedule the last 2 years and my new schedule is adding excitement but couple that with coaching football at a bigger school and being dad to a 4-month old has me swamped. I am using a modified SBG grading this year, my school district uses common grading percentages.
My categories are 40% - Test, 30% Quizzes, 5% Midterm, 5% Written Performance Final, 15% Final Exam and 5% Homework/Classwork. The Midterm and the Final Exam are multiple choice exams. I am using the modified SBG grading for Quizzes and Tests.
For Quizzes, I am grading them using Learning Targets and grading them using C/P/I’s for 3 questions on each learning topic. C means Correct, P means Partial and I means Incomplete.  The letters get combined for a rubric based grade. Each LT is worth 10 points. For more info go here: Got the idea from druin.
For test, I am grading them the standard way but grading each problem using a 4 point rubric ( and assigning problems points based on multiples of 2.  So if the problem is worth 8 points, I use the 4-point scale and multiply the result by 2 and likewise if it’s worth 2, I divide by 2. I think this gives each child a chance to earn the most partial credit and it is not based on my feelings about the kid but about what they actually know.