Sunday, January 27, 2013

Formative Assessment Probes

Formative Assessments don't have to always involve quizzes. Sometimes a nice simple probe with do and can take 10 minutes or less and they can be done anytime in the lesson. Warm-Up, Middle, or Ticket of the door.

Here is one I create for my Algebra 2 Class on word problems involving exponentials.

Discrete or Continuous

A simple 2 problem probe multiple choice and more importantly getting the kids to explain why they selected an answer and if they understand how to use a calculator properly.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Examview making my own questions...

I love examview.. LOVE IT... Until now I had never created my own examview questions.

Then I ran into an old Megan Golding post on writing dynamic examview questions.

And so I created my own!

Go Here to Find out how.. Converting Word Docs to Examview

Here is the one I created for My Stats Class, we used the CPS response clickers and played Jeopardy..

Word File Examview

Next I am off to mix Moodle with Examview Questions!