Sunday, October 27, 2013

Choice Menus: Give the kids options!

One of my favorite grading assignments to give my support class is my choice menus.

My favorite one is attached, 16 squares of different point levels, the board has 37 possible points, students need 25 points to get a "100". I give my kids options, that can do all 37, you get 25 100, do 25, get 25 correct you get 100. The CHOICE is theirs, which is the beauty of it. Here are 2 versions, I just did in my Algebra 2 support class on radicals, and cube roots..

Choice Menu 1

Choice Menu 2

Thursday, October 10, 2013

You don't have to re-invent the wheel: Polynomial Functions

I love the MTBoS community love it; If there is a subject you are teaching and you don't know how to introduce it, teach it, or re mediate it , chances are it's out there!

We are on Fall Break, Midterms aka Benchmarks are coming up and I need to review a subject with my Math Support classes that isn't their favorite. Polynomial Functions, so I searched and looked to see what was out there and BAM! 2 great activities that I have to share!

End Behavior games!

Rebecka Peterson, talks about 3 fun activities to do for remembering End Behavior!

I already do the hand signals with my kids, all those Kinesthetic learners love it.

I took my class to the lab while teaching finding the zeros from graphs and used, which is awesome, so kids could show full understand of end behavior if they have to change it..

Also the Simon says type end behavior game, where the last kid is eliminated is great! I will have candy for the kids and kids go crazy for candy; Pre-K through 12.

More End Behavior

While I plan on doing Rebecka's activities as the meat and potatoes of the lesson. Jennifer Cook provides the warm-up and exit ticket.

For the Warm-Up, I plan on having the kids do the sort of the pictures and equations, into the 4 groups of end behavior to see where my kids are in understanding before I refine what they know.

The exit ticket is a great way to see if the lesson has stuck with them.

Can I do all of this in 50 minutes probably not but I am excited to try it!  But more importantly, I was wondering how I could refine my students understanding of polynomial functions and I found 2 fellow bloggers that have given me a great lesson and maybe 2 of them!