Friday, August 24, 2012

Fav Friday: Math Basketball

Back with this week's selection for My Favorite Friday.

Many of you know my favorite review game is Thrashketball! It can be found on this blog for more info.

I got an email asking me do I always do the Thrashketball set up for this game. Placing the kids on teams, etc.. It can be time consuming. My answer is no.. There is a quick way to review Basketball Style and have fun..

Here is a link to that method, published by the imfamous Dan Meyer Basketball Review

The only modification is, I don't usually give out extra credit, but I try to keep candy handy :), for the winning team.

Here is a link to one that I most recently did in Algebra 2 on Condensing and Expanding Logs..

Answer Key
Smartboard File

Friday, August 17, 2012

My 1st Fav Friday POST!!!!!!!

The best 40 dollars a teacher can spend to help them in the classroom this year is.......

There is always talk on what are the best Station Activities, this book has them all!

You can also find the Algebra 1 or Geometry version.

Basically it is divided into 18 different problems called sets.. Each sets contain 4 different stations, some require additional materials, others graphs or notecards.

You can mix and match sets. The instructions and answer keys are already done.

We have been in school two weeks and I have already used the Algebra 1 book twice!
Linear Inequalities and Systems of Equations. This is a tremendous resource. I encourage you to go look at the sample sets.. Here

Get them for yourself, get your department to buy them (yea, I know budgets R TIGHT), go half with a colleague. JUST DO IT! You will thank me later!