Sunday, October 27, 2013

Choice Menus: Give the kids options!

One of my favorite grading assignments to give my support class is my choice menus.

My favorite one is attached, 16 squares of different point levels, the board has 37 possible points, students need 25 points to get a "100". I give my kids options, that can do all 37, you get 25 100, do 25, get 25 correct you get 100. The CHOICE is theirs, which is the beauty of it. Here are 2 versions, I just did in my Algebra 2 support class on radicals, and cube roots..

Choice Menu 1

Choice Menu 2


Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the option of choices. I can also see doing a version A and a version B where one is more challenging than the other to differentiate for my classroom. Thanks for the awesome idea.

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