Sunday, January 23, 2011

Math Sprints or Worksheet Race...

One activity that I love doing with my class is what I call the Worksheet Race, others call them Math Sprints.

How do we do the activity you ask?

"For this activity, I print each page onto a different color of paper, simply for organizational purposes. I hand out page 1 and the kids work each problem. When they are done, they bring it up to me and I tell them which problems to continue working on. If they get all the problems on card 1, I give them card 2. The kids love this, mainly because they only have to focus on 5-6 problems at a time and get pretty much instant feedback."

Here is a link for one I just did involving, (Midpoint, Distance,Patterns(Inductive Reasoning),Conditional Statements).

Worksheet Race - Geometry


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