Sunday, August 11, 2013

Matrix Walk Around activity

This was the 1st full week of school for us. We are in our 1st Unit on Matrices. So I am giving you a good around the world activity for Matrices, no calculator needed if you don't have them. Thanks to help from a former co-worker

Around The World


JFairbanks said...

I like this and I like matrices, I just don't like teaching them. I used to do direct teaching. The past few years, I did a couple days on the computer, webquest style, kids taught themselves everything about them and then small groups presented to the class. I am thinking this year of having them figure it out. Give them an addition problem with the answer and see if they can figure out what is happening, then with subtraction, then with a scalar, and then the challenge - multiplication - will they figure it out, I don't know

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