Saturday, July 28, 2012

Math Support Class: How To....

This year I will be teaching a Math Support class again. This time it is Math Support for Algebra 2, as I have previous done it before for Algebra 1. The purpose of Math Support of course is to help those kids who would otherwise struggle in Algebra 2, brush up on pre-requisite skills and get extra practice. 

The best way I plan to do this is by having everyday as a theme. For example, the first unit we teach in Integrated Algebra 2 is System Of Equations.

The way I am teaching the class it will be easier to understand if I work backwards.

Friday- Lab Day/Study for Quiz or Test Day
The students will go to the lab and work on the internet primarily at  if you have never been to this website, I encourage to you go now and sign up your school and your class. It is an interactive game based math site. That allows the students to play games and practice problems from easy to hard based of CCSS and you get to set what each student works on. The best part about this is that is FREE. (I plan on blogging on this site itself later) Those students who need extra help preparing for a quiz or test that day can come have group time with me. I have these kids 1st Period so it works out perfectly. Any child in this class who has me for a Regular Algebra 2 teacher and has not scored 7.5 or higher on SBG quizzes will get extra work.

Thursday – Quiz Day.
On Thursday they will partner up, partner’s will be selected at random, and take a 20-25 question multiple choice quiz (Level 1 questions make up the majority). What I will do is select one student’s from each pair to grade and circle the wrong answers, I will give them there quizzes back on Monday for 15 minutes for a chance to correct those answers.

Wednesday – Activity Day
On Wednesday, we will do sometime of practice day. Ala, Relay Races which can be found here, or Trashketball, etc… This is a way for the students to review the main topic of the week in a fun like matter.

Tuesday – Graphic Organizer - Note Day
Today the students will use their Interactive Notebook’s which I plan on using for this class, to take notes, do practice problems, complete a graphic organizer/foldable on the weeks main topic. So for the first unit, it will be all three ways to solve a System Of Equations.

Monday – Pre-Requisite Day
Students will start of class with an eight quiz (Do you remember quiz), on other topics that you need to know to be successful doing the week’s main topic. I will be able to do this using clickers. While I tally up the data, I will give the students their quizzes back from Friday and give them up to 15 minutes to make corrections and changes. After that we will review and discuss the answers to the do you remember quiz and they will complete a ticket out the door to leave class.

This is my process of Math Support class, if you have any questions or comments to help make it better, please feel free to let me know.


Morgan Guenther said...

I'm teaching algebra 1 support for 8th grade this year and I have no idea what to do (I'm a history teacher!!!)! I'm so glad I found your blog. This post was SUPER helpful!

T. Banks said...

Let me know if there is anything you need help with. Another great website is, I would have them do as many foldables or graphic organizethe as you can to see the steps.

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