Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Writing in Math Class! - Higher-Level Thinking

In a field with many buzz words we are all familiar with one that sticks out, Bloom's Taxonomy and higher level thinking. One exercise that I picked up from a seminar that has proven to be a keeper is writing a letter to a friend who missed class. 

In this activity my students write to a peer who has missed class. They are to summarize what they missed, tell them 3 important things to remember, and finally do a sample problem. This forces the students to have a deep understanding of what is important to solve a concept, and it makes them articulate that understanding to a classmate. In other words it makes them become a teacher!

I didn't do this enough last year, but I have decided to take the ones I did 1st semester that are good and scan them into pdf's to share with my students who missed class or need extra help this year. I plan on doing this a lot more this year. This will help me answer the question, what did I miss yesterday and where can I get notes.

Here are a few for you to use and I promise to upload the template as well, as soon as I find it :).

System Of Equations

Circles and Tangent Lines


Equations Of Circles


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