Sunday, December 9, 2012

Made 4 Monday: What I have done the past few weeks..

Ok, I have been MIA the past 3 weeks. We have one full week left and finals start Friday, Half days next week Monday-Wednesday. Then Christmas Vacation! YES!

But here are some activities I have used in the class the past few weeks.

Our current Algebra II unit is Rational Exponents, so I have done a few activities for this unit.

1st, is a transformation matching activity for square and cube root graphs.

The students have to match the graph, equation, and the transformation description. Transformations are a huge part of our old Integrated curriculum here in Georgia.  (Currently being phased out with Common Core)

Rational Exponent Transformation Cards

2nd, is a Tarsia activity puzzle.. Students have to cut out the pieces and put them together in a puzzle that forms a Standard Parquet (It's 12 pieces). The questions are on simplifying rational exponents. I guess I will need to do a post on Tarsia for those who don't have it or have used it.

Here is the pdf file for you to print and have your students match up Rational Exponent Tarsia PDF
Those of you that have downloaded and use Tarsia here is the Tarsia file Tarsia File

And finally here is a different version of Tic Tac Toe review game that I love.

The Rules:
                1)  Choose any row or column and complete the problems on your own paper or on the back of this sheet.  Work independently!
                2)  Once you are convinced that your answers are perfect, record them in the squares, and take them to the teacher to play the game.
                3)  If you are correct, your square gets a circle.  If you are wrong, the square gets an X and you are blocked!
                4)  If you are blocked, you must start over with another row or column.
                5)  Keep playing until you “win”!

Here it is it covers the full unit! Tic Tac Toe Review



Ms. Zimmer Teaches in Math Land said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing! Amy

Michelle Burton said...

I've just started using tarsia puzzles in the class. What a great way to consolidate info and review. Thanks for sharing the tic tac toe review - what a great idea! I'll be borrowing this for my equations of lines unit.

T. Banks said...

I am in love with tarsia as well Michelle, will be using it a lot more in class. I love Tic-Tac-Toe activities and this is an easy no stress type of review for the students.

Kathryn said...

Thanks for sharing this! I used it last year and never left a comment. So sorry! I just used it again last week and my students were thrilled with it. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that I set them to work making their own Tarsia puzzles.

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