Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Blog Posts of the Year (You need to read these!)

This will probably be my last post for 2012, so Happy New Year... I am teaching Stats and Discrete Math next semester so my posts will be a little different, I still have my Algebra II Support class so, I plan on posting things I do for them as well. Anyways, here are the best articles I read on the blogs this year in 2012

1. Best PD Ever, If you missed Twitter Math camp like me, Lisa Henry has a recap of everything they did  and news from it, start here you are sure to find an idea or two or three.

2. It's going so right, something MUST be wrong. She isn't posting as much as she use to but when she does, they are great. Are you teaching quadratics or want to spice it up for next year start here with Hedge.

3. Regression Instructions on Nspire and 84 I used Kate Nowak's Regression instructions for my kids in Stats Class, ended up being the easiest thing I taught them all year!

4. Calculator Shortcuts! - I didn't know this and I bet you don't either! Do you use a TI-84 in class? You want to know this!

5. Post It Note Answer Key This is how you stop your kids from asking is this the right answer but, where did I go wrong, a much more important question.

6. #Made4math: Exit slip update - Anyone who knows me knows I am huge on Formative assessments and Fouss came up with a way that helps the students feel at ease when doing them.

7. Bulletin Boards - Part 2 - How useful is your bulletin board? Learn from Shelli on how to make it more useful.

8. #made4math Monday! More Kagan, Triangle Center Foldable, Einthoven’s Triangle - Did I mention that Pam is just as big on formative assessments as I am?

9. Stolen Pedagogy -  As Megan says if you aren't using what you learn on these blogs to make yourself a better teacher then what is the purpose?

10. The Best Formative Assessment Tool Ever! - Or so some dumb teacher thinks :)

See you guys next year..


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