Saturday, February 23, 2013

Formative Assessments: How to...

If you missed last Tuesday's Globalmath you need to go watch it here... Formative Assessments for Math Learning

Pam J. Wilson and myself spoke on a lot of good topics..

Here is the link to my part of the presentation so you can see what I used, but listening to the presentation is key as well.  Formative Assessments

I am working on a post that may take me a week because I write slow and have a ton going on about a comment that I made in the presentation that I believe to be true..

"You can't wait for the quiz to learn what your kids know. You need to know today."

This cause quite a discussion on twitter some people agreed with me, one didn't and asked what is the purpose of the quiz then and that my statement means that there is no distinction between kids of different abilities. Which is not true.

Which is not the purpose of a formative assessment, in my opinion  I will speak on that more in my next post on how formative assessments lead to summative grading. Bloom's Taxonomy and Marzano based grading, the use of Level questioning.

So I ask you guys, what is the purpose of a formative assessment to you?


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