Sunday, February 3, 2013

#MSSunFun Favorite Math Practice Website

Middle School Sunday Funday!!

I know I don't teach Middle School, but Julie's topic was to good to pass up today.. (and I like some future topics as well)

Favorite Math Practice Websites!!!

I want to share with teachers a fun website that allows students to play games, you to use differentiated instruction and to check progress.. and Yes, IT'S FREE! All you have to do is register your school, there are some pay parts but they have an amazing amount of free material available.

Here is a link to some resources MangaHigh Resources, to get you started.

When a student logins all they see is the games and they have them from order of operations all the way up to factoring..

But the best part is the Quizzes only teachers can upload for their students, called challenges.

Here is a view of one of the challenges

Also as a teacher you can view what level each student scored on the current challenge. (who is doing great and who needs extra help)

For more information on how to set-up mangahigh and use it visit here: Manga High How 2

I go to the lab every Friday with my math support class and they love it! Check out Manga High, I am sure you will love it 2!


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