Friday, February 8, 2013

MyFavFriday: Properties of Logarithms Foldable

MyFavFriday: Properties Of Logarithms Foldable

I haven't done a favorite friday in a while so I am back with one.

I use foldables a lot in my Math Support class, I thought I would share one that I created for Preoperties Of Logarithms with you.

We used this in class to help with the product, quotient, and power property while working on condense, expand and change of base with logs.

Here are some pictures of the foldable:

Here is a link to the foldable:
Properties of Log Foldable

Also don't forget to join me and the the wonderful Pam J. Wilson for GlobalMath on Feb 19th, we will be talking about Formative Assessments.


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